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Tie & Bow Tie

Accessories in dress wear are important to complement your style and increase your elegance. Ties and bow ties are also one of the most frequently used accessories in menswear. For this reason, I would like to share with you what you need to know about ties and bow ties and tips on their use.

A tie is the most commonly used accessory for formal occasions. Available in different colours, patterns and fabrics, ties can be used in many combinations. Especially in classic suits and jacket-pants combinations, ties are frequently preferred. When choosing a tie, it is important to choose a colour and pattern that matches the colour of the suit. For example, using a pastel coloured and patterned tie on a dark-coloured suit can make your style more vivid and remarkable.

Bow tie is an accessory that has been frequently used in recent years, especially at weddings and special events. Bow ties, which have a different style compared to ties, are offered in different colours, patterns and fabrics. When using a bow tie, it is important to make sure that your other accessories are compatible. For example, while using a bow tie that matches the colour of your suit, making sure that your shoes and belts are also compatible will increase your elegance.

Another point to be considered when using ties and bow ties is the length. The length of the tie and bow tie should be in line with the button of the jacket. This will ensure that you get both a stylish and the right look.

As a result, accessories such as ties and bow ties are important elements that complement your style in menswear. Choosing the right colour, pattern and fabric increases your elegance, while at the same time, when combined with the right length and other compatible accessories, it complements your style and makes you feel better.

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